GDPR And Cyber Security: Preparing Yourself And Protecting Your Business

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GDPR And Cyber Security: Preparing Yourself And Protecting Your BusinessGDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation – and from 25th May 2018, this is a regulation that ALL businesses need to comply with.

You could face financial penalties for any potential breach, so it’s wise to get an understanding of the regulations now – in order to ensure your business is compliant in good time.

This seminar focuses on the impact of GDPR on businesses, providing techniques and tips on what you need to change to be prepared for its introduction next May.

Speakers will describe the expectations and intent of the new regulation in the context of information security and data protection.
Many business owners will think that these regulations do not apply to them. But you may want to attend this session then think again! GDPR regulations apply to ALL ‘Controllers’ and ‘Processors’ of personal data.
A controller is anyone who determines how and why personal data is used and the processor is the individual or company acting on that controller’s behalf to ‘process’ the data. So that’s pretty much every business in the modern technological age.

Under the data protection act any individual or organisation that processes personal data will have to be registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) unless they are exempt – so first of all you need to find out where you fit in.

Then you need to understand the legislation terms and how they relate to you and your business.

• What constitutes ‘personal data’?
• Where do you stand as a ‘Controller’ and/or ‘Processor’ of data?
• What will be your level of responsibility and obligations from May 2018?

The seminar also identifies the impacts of these changes on Cyber Security. The new security requirements under GDPR take into account the data protection authorities’ past experience and the new digital environment, elevating Cyber Security to a leadership and management issue, rather than a matter simply for the IT department.

The session also has a wider focus on the ever-developing topic of Cyber Security – and how to keep your business up to speed and protect it from the new challenges emerging on a daily basis.

The panel includes expert speakers with vast experience across various public and private business sectors.

Session Panellists are:

• Assistant Director of Transformation and Change at Bradford Council, David Cawthray
• Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at University of Bradford, Dr. Andrea Cullen
• Managing Director at Agenci Information Security, Gary Hibberd
• Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at University of Huddersfield, Dr. Simon Parkinson
• Head of Commercial Intellectual Property at Shulmans, Emma Roe
• Detective Chief Inspector at West Yorkshire Police, Vanessa Smith

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