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Mike Manaley - YEN Expo 2017

Mike Manaley a.k.a The Barefoot Broker has previously presented to us at the YEN Drinks his definitive guide to Prospecting & Pipelines. Today, he joins us in his most natural form, talking non-sense and warming a crowd… Which you’ll often find him doing at his local watering holes.

Those of you who don’t know our dear friend Mike may be interested hear he is a prolific networker, and is known amongst a select few as the “Network Ninja.” With a 15 years’ sales experience in the financial services & telecom sectors. He now proudly rests in his office in Hope Park, offering commercial insurance advise to a wide array of client.

In addition, Mike runs a niche sales consultancy service. Using techniques such as NLP, Visual/Audio Cognitive Dissonance, SMYKM and plain old british charm; in the last 12 months Mike has increased profits by more than 2500% for one of his key clients.

And… He’s also currently training for a 1000 mile bike ride across America, which he’s planning to complete in 10 days or less next summer. Not satisfied with that alone, he’s also aiming to raise £100,000 to raise awareness for mental health and suicide in the UK & USA.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy having him as much as we always, do, and of course… If you want to find out more check out: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelnmanaley/

Mike Manaley will be hosting the GDPR Panel Session and Google Digital Garage Seminar

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