Jeremy Meadowcroft

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Jeremy Meadowcroft - YEN Expo 2017

Following a 30yr Banking career, & possibly one of the last “old-style” Bank Branch Managers, Business Managers, & Staff managers, Jeremy’s career experience, knowledge & passion for lending, found his way to Business Enterprise Fund where he now lends to the very clients that are often turned down by mainstream banks.

He loves to connect good people, & share their skillsets to find collaborative solutions. With a personal passion for coaching & fundraising for children`s sports-clubs & charities, he has been a club chairman, worked as a coach mentor for The FA, North Yorkshire Sport, & YMCA, & has been lucky enough to mentor, advise & coach children`s sports both in the U.K. & in America.

So if you can catch him amongst all this busy schedule, he is a useful man to know & always keen to add value wherever that may be, to your project.

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Job Roles

Lending Manager | Business Enterprise Fund

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