Florian Reinhardt

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Florian Reinhardt - YEN Expo 2017

Florian Reinhardt will tell you about Finpoint, a disruptive FinTech platform that empowers businesses to get in front of more than 120 lenders with just one online application!

As a multifaceted, enterprising individual with over 3 years of combined start-up experience in the finance and technology industry, Florian has a broad and diversified experience generating turnover, sustaining growth and building long lasting partnerships.

Finpoint is a free service that matches business owners, finance directors and their accounting and growth advisors with over 110 finance providers. We support our clients by preparing a single finance application that is shared anonymously with our panel of high street banks, challenger banks, P2P platforms, trade finance houses and equity financiers.

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Job Roles

Head Of Partnerships | Finpoint Limited

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